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OFFERED Services

Shipyard assessment (JH 143)

A JH 143 survey of a new building or repair shipyard includes below listed items:

  • Geographical and environmental risks.

  • General site condition.

  • Processes and procedures.

  • Quality assurance/quality control of the production process.

  • General housekeeping.

  • Management of subcontractors.

  • Permit to work systems.

  • Emergency response plan.

  • Fire-fighting capability.

  • Shipyard equipment.

  • Atmospheric monitoring and control of industrial gases.

  • Launching and sea trials.

  • Site safety.

  • Casualty history.

Damage survey

  • Damage survey of vessel hull and machinery on behalf of H&M and P&I underwriters internationally. 

  • Damage survey on behalf of shipyard and builders’ liability insurance.

  • Bridge assessment at collision damage on behalf of owner and/or underwriters.

  • Technical umpire assessment.

Salvage operation

  • Assistance at salvage operations of vessels and marine installations.

Condition survey

  • Pre purchase inspection on behalf of owner.

  • Pre entry inspection on behalf of underwriters.

  • Various condition survey of vessels and marine installations.

Project management

  • Owners’ representative at drydocking and conversion worldwide.

  • Shipyard repair and new building management.

Cargo survey

  • All kinds of cargo surveys.

QA/QC inspection

  • Site attendance at new building and large conversion including steel (hull), machinery, piping, coating and commissioning.

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