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Allan Palmgren

Marine Surveyor

My former employments at shipowners, ship-underwriters and shipyards accumulate into a wide range of experience which is used for all kind of shipyard, cargo & ship matters. 

Since 2013 (and previously from 1999 to 2005) I have been working as a marine surveyor and the main tasks have been H&M damage surveys, condition/pre-entry surveys, shipyard assessment (JH 143), salvage and project management. Prior to this I was employed both at repair and newbuilding shipyards as a QA/QC manager, project manager and estimator. 

My versatile experience gives a solid background for working as an independent surveyor in an international environment.

Work Experience

Since 2013

2010 - 2013

2006 - 2010

1999 - 2006

1996 - 1999

Marine Surveyor
Responsibilities: All kinds of Pre Entry and Condition Surveys, Damage Surveys of engines, gears and propulsion systems, damage surveys within hull and various technical assessment.

Employer: Survey Association Ltd., Nordic Marine Consult A/S and Palmgren Marine Aps

Estimator and Repair Manager

Responsibilities: Inspections and preparation of quotations for future repair-and conversion asignments of both offshore and shipping, project manager for repair jobs and ordinary dry-dockings and canvas sale toward potential new customers.
Employer: Fayard A/S


Responsibilities: Head of QC-department, responsibility for implementing new standards and requirements coming from class,

owners and IMO, etc. Daily participation in QC/QA-inspections at OSS and at sister yards in the Baltic countries and inspection of “Critical Deliveries” like propellers, stern tubes, etc. prior to arrival at OSS.
Employer: Odense Steel Shipyard A/S (OSS)

Marine Surveyor

Responsibilities: All kinds of Pre-entry and Condition surveys, damage surveys of engines, gears and propulsion systems and damage surveys within hull.
Employer: Tryg Vesta Insurance

Repair Manager (and Estimator)

Responsibilities: Project management of ongoing repair and conversion projects including current tendering.
Employer: Svendborg Shipyard A/S

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