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Terms and conditions

All work is undertaken by Palmgren Marine Aps on the following conditions:

The liability of Palmgren Marine Aps  - according to law - for any loss or damage caused during performance or non-performance of work is limited as follows:

a) Palmgren Marine Aps  is only liable for damage if the person having suffered the damage proves that the damage or loss was caused by any fault or negligence on the part of Palmgren Marine Aps

b) In such a case, compensation will only be given for direct loss, but not for loss of profits, indirect damage, subsequent damage and the like.

c) The liability of Palmgren Marine Aps for any damage is in each case of damage limited to the amount covered by Palmgren Marine Aps´s insurance and always maximum two times the fee paid for the work. Several cases of damage or loss, which are a result of the same fault or negligence, are in this connection regarded as, one damage - even if several persons thereby suffer loss.

d) Further liability for damage or loss other than specified above cannot be claimed against Palmgren Marine Aps, against anybody employed at Palmgren Marine Aps , against any agent for Palmgren Marine Aps  or against anybody who directly or indirectly contributes to performance of the work in question.

e) Palmgren Marine Aps can not be held responsible if the client obtains fines, hereby daily fines due to any damage or failures done by employees from Palmgren Marine Aps .

f) Palmgren Marine Aps cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss also implicit loss or profit loss.

g) Palmgren Marine Aps cannot be held responsible in any ways after one month of completion of work (delivery of report, etc.) as above in paragraph a,b,c,d,e.

h) All disputes shall be governed by Danish Law and shall be determined by the Maritime- and Commercial Court of Copenhagen with a right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Denmark.


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